So many things have changed in a minute and everyone around the world is trying so hard to adapt to this new norm. Not really loving the processes as it was never anticipated. It’s just something that has got everyone by surprise. No one will even ask what I am talking about, for all of us have been affected by the new Novel virus.

It’s okay to lament

News broke forth on the 4th of April, 2019 and the announcement of the first reported case was made in my country, Malawi. Since then we have had some other cases being reported as well and things are getting worse globally. Sitting down yesterday, I was contemplating on the whole situation, I was so afraid because I felt like I am at war. It is really scary and I know many of us are in this mode. With lots of questions and less or no answers at all.

I keep on feeling like I am at war and battling with someone I can’t see but in my mind knowing that the enemy is so strong, that the whole world can stand still and allow the men and women in white coats to fight and not with guns and missiles but a very unusual way of fighting, at times feeling like I will hide from nothing. But hearing the casualties in this war across the globe, it’s something else.

The worst part is we don’t really know when the war is going to come to an end. This is World War. I am not fighting alone but worldwide there has been protocols designed in every Country and the nurses and doctors are on the front line, our new superheroes. Who ever thought of that.

Myself I do business and things. My business involves traveling across the boarder and now I can no longer go for orders as traveling is restricted and since many of my customers’ businesses are affected too, it’s becoming hard for them to pay me. Everyone is anxious as no one knows when everything will come back to normal.

Just like everyone else I was so excited for this year and hey it’s vision 2020, I had plans to grow and invest. But then Boom! COVID-19 decides to disturb all those plans, we pray its going to be defeated soon. Two of my friends have cancelled their weddings, ten people I know have lost their jobs just because of the virus. Each and every day new cases of infected people around the world are being reported. Schools, Shops, and even Churches are closed, as one way of defeating this enemy. Businesses are not making profits.

Parishioners wash hands as a preventative measure against COVID-19 at St. Don Bosco in Area 23, Lilongwe. (Photo by AMOS GUMULIRA)

We started seeing restrictions on travel and business, and many suspected cases were advised to be in quarantine. Everyday News since has been filled with gloom, devastation has been carried in the air to our homes and the internet has been jam-packed with information of this enemy.

Regular life feels like eternity ago. Though our country has been had the cases in less than a month and it’s not long ago when the restrictions were brought forward. Its crazy how fast everything we know has changed, and its crazy how quickly weve all adapted to the changes. This have really changed in a blink of an eye.

Consider the conversations you now have with family and friends these days. When was the last time you left home or pass by town without washing hands? Everything is different now, and it happened almost overnight. We are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, but its more than just that. Its a worldwide tragedy, one whose story is only beginning to unfold.
Its not just health. Its economics. Its politics. Its entertainment and lifestyle. Its society. Its everything.

Theres one thing we all share. Every one of us has lost something to Coronavirus. And its okay to lament over it. You may have changed your wedding plans, plans to start or finish School, plans for business, travel or attending your favorite concert. It’s okay to lament because it’s something you never expected.

I was worried because I didn’t get orders for my business and I was full of unpleasantness that I will be broke and won’t be able to keep up but when I read in the news and see The numbers of people that have died to this virus, I was like please, I really MUST be GRATEFUL.

We have lost People because of this pandemic, it’s okay to feel sad for the changed but let’s have hope that we are going to make it together and everything will be okay. Not so long from now. If you are afraid and worried about changed plans, I say it’s okay to feel sad but one thing that I know is we are going to go through this and I know our God is watching over us.

Let’s not forget to wash our hands frequently, observe social distance, use sanitizer and cover your mouth and nose with a mask.

What plans have you changed because of this pandemic?


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